don’t cry, shop girl

this weekend i’ve been working on a paper for social psychology and the more i worked on my paper and the more i read random sections of the text-book the more it depressed me. i definitely do find it interesting to study human interactions but looking at life from this perspective is starting to seem kind of mathematical. or maybe it just freaks me out because the explanations of human behaviour make a lot of sense and it makes me feel like i have less free will or something.


i think the part that depressed me most was the scientific explanation for romance and attraction. i guess i am a pretty closeted romantic but it kind of sucks the fun out of life to think about relationships as being the result of proximity, exposure, and similarity rather than something more spontaneous. i am probably imagining myself to be a lot dreamier than i actually am. either way i love love and i don’t want my text book to tell me why.

that scene kills me everytime.

i should probably mention that reading about attraction was my procrastination and that i am supposed to be writing about the impact of pornography on sexual aggression against women. sweet.




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  1. christinachristinachristina

  2. cmy

    i don’t like not knowing who is saying what on this ahh

  3. well, isn’t that explanation of love just a theory anyway rather than a fact that’s universally agreed upon?
    i never read that wikipedia article but i remember learning about it in 1000/1001.

  4. p.s. if that sounded snide i didn’t mean it to! i honestly don’t know and you’re the psychology expert in my life. educate me.

    and you don’t have less free will!

  5. also, i need to watch that movie again. i was totally underwhelmed by it because i love when harry met sally so much

    but this scene gets ME everytime


  6. cmy

    well, i guess it would be considered a theory but the specific criteria i listed are what predicts long lasting relationships so that would have been empirically tested in some way. i guess it isn’t really THAT depressing. some parts are like, people are more likely to get be in a relationship if they live in the same neighbourhood and have seen each other frequently and i am like….this is my life. obviously it makes SENSE but i just want life to be more life you’ve got mail, basically.

  7. holla christina!!
    – a.

  8. 666

    we should watch the original over christmas break!