Brian Borcherdt from Holy Fuck came here a week or so ago. i really regret not going to see him (i did have a midterm the next morning [got 88%!] so i guess it was rationalized).
One of his albums is up on his website. you can download it for your listening pleasure. it’s free and it’s beautiful. it has pretty, sleepy quiet songs. and it is here. it is probably perfect for listening to while taking part in:
1) studying
2) napping
3) some slow mackin


we went out for Sushi tonight. i had the veggie kind and i didn’t really enjoy it. i was so bummed. i really wanted to like sushi because it seems like one of things that would taste delicious and be good for you at the same time. but i couldn’t get past the seaweed taste. it tasted too much like fish



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4 responses to “torches

  1. what a cute dress.
    [so cool with my single initial]

  2. i find the expression “slow mackin” hilarious

  3. guys i feel like we are gossip girl characters or something

  4. yeah yeah i hate signing my name