i like days like today

having big, messy, wavy hair and not really giving a fuck is probably the best way for me to end this semester. i just want to impress people with my baking skills and not much else.

i tried falafel for the first time today. it was followed by a serious of high fives because of how excited i was about it and how delicious it was. first time extreme pita experience = A++ i also discovered the beautiful thing that is gingerbread hot chocolate. a marriage of two of my many favourite things. it’s almost always luke warm and almost too sweet. but that’s just how i like a lot of things. i could drink two in a row.

i love sillyness. laughing way too much and trying to laugh as silently as possible because you’re in the silent area of the library, and because no one likes loud studiers is hilarious. i almost had to leave because i thought i was going to laugh out loud.
i love my friends a lot. i am very lucky
just two more presentations and two final exams and then i’ll be free until january.
i can’t concentrate on anything except the good things in december that will be here soon.

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– angela


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